Do More by Working Less

At TechEffect, we believe that IT solutions do only one thing: Automate Business Processes.  If those business processes are inefficient and error prone the corresponding technology solution used to support those processes will be as well. 

TechEffect’s Business Process Optimization (BPO) is the act of documenting your current business processes, assessing them in the context of your existing technology portfolio, developing the future state processes, re-configuring existing technology and/or introducing new technology to automate them.


  • Reduce Operational Costs – Inefficient, error prone processes cost time.  That time can easily be translated in to money.  By optimizing and automating your business processes managers are essentially adding virtual employee’s their organization. 

  • Improve Workforce Morale -   Reduce employee turn-over by reducing employee frustration.  Frustration is defined as becoming upset as a result of being unable to achieve a goal.  The short version: There is something (or someone) preventing me from my goal.  BPO removes those barriers.

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction – Customers will get their needs met faster with fewer issues.  Error rates and cycle times are greatly reduced.  

  • Organizational Agility: Respond to new demands, opportunities, policies, laws or regulatory changes more easily and rapidly than ever before.

  • IT Agility - Enable the rapid deployment of new technology to deliver new features, functionality and capabilities to your customers faster and easier. 

  • Productivity: Leadership and staff can focus the majority of their time on their key job functions and core mission by removing barriers, improving communication and automating away tedious tasks that are error prone and time consuming. 

  • Knowledge Management - Having well-defined, documented processes removes organizational dependencies on key individuals who have deep knowledge in existing complex and arcane processes.  Additionally, it makes training new employee's easier and gets them up to speed faster.  In some cases, it allows for the offloading of certain processes all together. 

  • Improved Visibility - Easily identify where the constraints are in the processes in order to quickly resolve issues and remove barriers.


​Our Approach: 

TechEffect works with leadership, department heads and subject matter experts across your organization to develop a 360 degree view of the processes and technology you employ.  We use the information to design, build and deploy processes that are faster, more efficient and effective.  

  1. Scope - Define the set of processes to improve.

  2. Current State Assessment - Document each process and it's inter-dependencies. 

  3. Future State Design - Design the future state processes as well as define the metrics and methods for monitoring the process in the future. 

  4. Quick Wins - Execute low cost low effort changes that will immediately address key pain points. 

  5. Automate - Develop new automation (either with existing tools or acquiring new technology such as automated workflow)

  6. Train - Train staff on the new processes.

  7. Deploy - Implement the changes into production.

  8. Monitor - Measure the process performance against base lines.

  9. Refine - Adjust and refine processes and systems as needed. 


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